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Mama's Milk [Michael Ross]

Mama's Milk [Michael Ross]

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Celebrating the warm and loving bond between mammal mamas and their babies, this lushly illustrated, lyrical book shows little ones doing what comes naturally: nursing. A perfect choice for cuddling up with a breast-feeding child or the older sibling who wonders how the new baby gets fed.

   • A tender look at humans and animals breast-feeding in their natural habitats.
   • Promotes infant health and attachment parenting.
   • A thoughtful, supportive gift for new and soon-to-be moms.
   • Fascinating nursing facts included: Kangaroo milk is pink! Calf elephants may nurse up to 5 years!


"There's nothing more natural than a baby nursing from its mother, and this theme serves as the inspiration for a moving tale that celebrates the miracle of breastfeeding. . . An ode to all things maternal."
—Publishers Weekly

"This cozy offering will be welcomed by parents who want to share the joy and naturalness of breastfeeding with their children."
—Marge Loch-Wouters, Menasha Public Library, WI
School Library Journal

Hardcover, 32 pages.