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My Day Is Ruined!: A Story Teaching Flexible Thinking (Executive Function) [Bryan Smith]

My Day Is Ruined!: A Story Teaching Flexible Thinking (Executive Function) [Bryan Smith]

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Do you know a child who can't go with the flow? This book is for children who struggle when things don't go as planned!

Braden was so excited for his upcoming Championship baseball game! The night before he dreamt of that moment - THE moment - the oohs and ahhs of the crowd as he scored the game-winning run! But imagine his surprise when he woke up to pouring rain - and NO GAME!

A cancelled game, coupled with some events at school that don't go his way, send Braden on an overreaction tailspin! Braden is a kid who struggles at handling disappointment.

Can the adults in Braden's life help him to use adaptive thinking to help manage his emotions and learn to be okay with changes?

This story from the very popular Executive Function series by award-winning author and school counselor Bryan Smith has been a hit with anyone who wants to help children learn to think flexibly, manage stress, and handle emotions.

This book series is a great tool for teachers, parents, and counselors who help kids with social skills, social emotional learning, and manners.

Readers said this:

[The book provides] tools to use when [my son] feels frustrated

I read this story to my child clients in therapy. It teaches flexible thinking which is a great tool for coping with stress.

Great book to use in school counseling.

Several readers shared that their children or students with ASD / autism enjoyed and are benefiting from having read this book!

Paperback, 32 pages