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Ritual:Wild Renew Ritual Smoke Botanical Incense
Ritual:Wild Renew Ritual Smoke Botanical Incense
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Ritual:Wild Renew Ritual Smoke Botanical Incense

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 Renew Ritual Smoke / Botanical Incense Blend

2 oz reusable aluminum tin

What is Botanical Incense?

The practice of burning herbs, flowers, bark, resins and other plant parts for the aromatic smoke they release is a tradition that goes back to ancient times, across many different cultures.

All-natural and hand blended in Canada in small batches, each Ritual Smoke is a carefully selected collection of botanical ingredients chosen for their fragrance and traditional uses. Includes five charcoal discs to create long-lasting, flame-free heat for the herbs and resins to release their aroma in rich, fragrant smoke.

Fresh rosemary from our own medicinal gardens is combined with wildcrafted cypress, organic grapefruit and copal resin to assist with rituals for new beginnings, renewal, strength and confidence through transitions. Ideal for New Moon rituals, setting intentions for the New Year, or any time change is desired- pairs perfectly with our Renew Ritual Mist! Contains a genuine clear quartz gemstone.

SCENT PROFILE: herbal, woodsy, fresh.


We use only herbs, resins and botanicals that are either grown in our own medicinal gardens, responsibly and ethically wildcrafted, or sourced from our trusted organic suppliers. Carefully tested on family and friends, never on animals.

  • rosemary: associated with the Virgin Mary, who is said to have given the plant its blue blossoms when she rested her blue mantle on a bush. used for protection, remembrance, cleansing, purifying, loyalty and fertility.

  • cypress: The sacred tree of the underworld and a literary symbol of mourning and loss. used for renewal, transformation, longevity, healing, comfort (especially from grief), and protection.

  • grapefruit: one of the "Seven Wonders of Barbados", grapefruit is revitalizing, uplifting, and energizing and used for love, self acceptance and balancing mood and emotions.

  • copal resin: long used in ancient Mayan and Aztec ceremonies as a ritual offering to the gods, copal has a clean, light, woody scent and is valued for its ability to cleanse, purify and invoke positive energy. copal is a "younger" form of amber.

  • clear quartz: a powerful healing crystal with the ability to amplify, release, unblock and regulate energy.


Use in ritual, ceremony or meditation, as you would traditional incense.

Place a charcoal disc in a fireproof dish, hold a flame to the disc until lit. Let charcoal warm for a few minutes. Sprinkle a small amount of incense mix onto the disc and allow the resins and botanicals to release their aromatic oils through the smoke. Gently waft the smoke throughout your space. Add more incense as desired.

Never leave burning incense unattended. Keep tin tightly sealed when not in use to maintain freshness.


Ritual:Wild is a botanical apothecary located in the heart of the prairies, specializing in small-batch, handcrafted perfumes and ritual oils, bath alchemy, wild remedies and mists infused with pure plant essences and fine botanicals.