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Prairie Sky and the Mystery of the Burst Pipe

We had an unexpected waterfall in the shop on Wednesday, and need a few days to dry out!

I’d like to thank all of the folks who reached out via social media with their warm thoughts and offers of help! We’re all set now; the leak has been repaired, the waterlogged ceiling has been removed, the mess is gone, and now the industrial dehumidifiers need to run for at least a couple of days before we can get new drywall up. 

We’ll keep you in the loop, but I don’t think we’ll be open again until Wednesday.

The best way to help us out is to keep those online orders coming! We typically have orders filled on the same day (orders placed after close/6 pm are usually filled by noon the next day.) So if you need incense, soap, a great book, a gift, a greeting card or any of our other awesome items, we’re ready to go!

Thanks again for all of your good thoughts and kind words!