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Right Livelihood  and Other Foundations of Enlightenment [Namgyal Rinpoche]

Right Livelihood and Other Foundations of Enlightenment [Namgyal Rinpoche]

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 Inspiring teachings from the Venerable Namgyal Rinpoche on the foundations of enlightenment, from formal practices and meditations - such as Foundations of Mindfulness, Ordinary and Extraordinary Foundation Work, Puja, Visualization and Mantra, the Brahma Vihara and Mahamudra - to the realization of the transcendental in daily life as embodied in every moment, including marriage, parenting and community: the spiritual journey of purification, illumination and the beatific.

“There's a little more to the question of right livelihood than how you get your money. In the teaching, right livelihood involves your whole lifestyle, which really is a reflection of the overall mind state in which you are progressing. To bring a being forth into a wholesome state is another matter: to actually give beings the secret of coming into wholesome living is a little more difficult. That requires effort and study. The being who does not study will never achieve logos 'reason'. All such a being has to move with is emotional reaction.”

Paperback, 150 pages.