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Teachings Of The Buddha [Edited By: Jack Kornfield]

Teachings Of The Buddha [Edited By: Jack Kornfield]

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A reissue of the most popular collection of teachings from Buddhist literature, selected by one of the best known American Buddhist teachers—with a new preface and afterword

Jack Kornfield, one of the most respected American Buddhist teachers, has compiled these teachings to impart the essence and inspiration of Buddhism to readers of all spiritual traditions. This treasury of essential Buddhist writings draws from the most popular Indian, Tibetan, Chinese, and Japanese sources, and is perfect for those both new to Buddhism and longtime practitioners. Among the selections: 

· Some of the earliest recorded sayings of the Buddha on the practice of freedom
· Passages from later Indian scriptures on the perfection of wisdom
· Verses from Tibetan masters on the enlightened mind 
· Songs in praise of meditation by Zen teachers
· New selections on the role of women in early Buddhism

Also included are traditional instructions on how to practice sitting meditation, cultivate calm awareness, and live with compassion.

Paperback, 212 pages