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The Modern Enneagram [Kacie Berghoef &Melanie Bell]

The Modern Enneagram [Kacie Berghoef &Melanie Bell]

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Celebrate your true self and find real world success with the Enneagram.

The Enneagram is a popular model of the human psyche that includes 9 different personality types. Find out which type you are, and the way it can influence your habits, your growth, and your personal and professional interactions.

The Modern Enneagram is a fresh, easy-to-read entry point into the system. With detailed sections about each personality type as well as a holistic overview of the entire model, this book will show you how to use the Enneagram to discover y178 r authentic self and better manage your emotions, develop your career, and understand the people around you.

In The Modern Enneagram, you’ll find:

  • A fresh new take―this is an updated, condensed introduction to the Enneagram. It’s specifically tailored to beginners, and to account for today’s fast-paced social landscape.
  • Real world examples―read through a range of hypothetical scenarios, and learn how your new Enneagram knowledge can help you navigate them.
  • Simplicity―this comprehensive breakdown of the Enneagram doesn’t overwhelm with history, theory, or dense language.

Empower yourself with the ability to recognize your own beliefs and behavior―and make them work for you.

Paperback, 178 pages.